Have You Seen These? (And a request)

Hello Thriving Community,

I’m in a bit of a transition these days and am not exactly sure what that means for Thriving Thursdays this year.  I’m hoping to be able to continue writing to you all weekly.  Please let me know if Thriving Thursdays is helping you in your efforts to both find more joy and health in your life and also do more to actually work for justice, equity and healing, for yourself and others.  It will help me know how important it is that I prioritize continuing to post regularly in a phase of my life when I need to let go of a few things in order to do what is most important…for now.
I’ll keep you posted.
In the meantime, you’ll see another guest post from the amazing Marquita Hamilton next week (hope you were encouraged by her courageous vulnerability in last week’s post!)
And for this week, I want to share a couple of resources that I hope you’ll find to be helpful to you on your journeys.
Last week I attending an amazing institute lead by Dr. Angela Rose Black.  I’ll have more to tell you about it and what I have learned and am learning about what it means to be white, white racial identity, white supremacy (hint: it’s not “out there” with “those people”) and how I am continuing in my commitment to increase my emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to take action to disrupt systems of oppression (shy, conflict-avoider that I am.)  The resources I mention here came from the people I met there, “trails” I followed afterward (like spending a few hours googling things like “black yoga teachers in L.A.” and recommendations I got because of that event. 
Especially for Black folx and other POC:
Self-care and rest for black and brown bodies can be a form of rebellion and liberation, and a way to honor your ancestors. 
Podcast and website – Therapy for Black Girls
Mindfulness for the People, founded by Dr. Angela Black
Dr. Bianca Baldridge’s book: Reclaiming Community: Race and the Uncertain Future of Youthwork.  
Dr. Monique Liston – UBUNTU Research and Evaluation
Dr. Naya Jones   www.nayajones.com
Angela Smith  The Zen Dragonfly
The Nap Ministry (I’ve mentioned this before, worth mentioning again.)
9 Powerful Blogs By Latinas To Empower Women Everywhere
6 Powerful Latina Poets You Must Read, Hear & See
The Proximity of Being 

Especially for White Folx:
The work we white folx need to do starts with ourselves – and it’s needed now more than ever!  It’s not about guilt and blame – but it is OUR work to do to address racism.
If you haven’t heard of Robin DiAngelo, please check out her website, which has links to her books and a number of her talks.  Here’s one on Debunking The Most Common Myths White People Tell About Racism, to get you started.
Also, please order and read her book What Does It Mean to be White? as soon as you possibly can.  For all the reading, thinking and being married to a Black man I’ve done, I hadn’t really thought much (at all) about how race has impacted me as a white person.  The book has been transformative for me.
I’ve also read and recommend her more famous book White Fragility.
And I just started rereading the updated Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?  By Beverly Daniel Tatum
Want to read one or more of these books together? – email me at debshine@thriving4equity.com (or just hit reply if you got this post via email.)  If 10 people are interested, I’ll coordinate a way for us to connect virtually so we can go on this journey together.  
And as you do this work ALSO make sure you care well for yourself.  We need to build up our capacity to experience racial stress and not turn away – that requires self-compassion, rest and community.
Other recommendations for the month of August:
It’s Black August – which is a celebration I learned about from one of the presenters at the conference.  Learn more about it and consider finding at least one way to join in. 
And/or try at least one of the poetry books recommended in this post.  I suggest you try one written by someone who doesn’t share the same racial and ethnic identity as you. 
Hope you find some of these resources to be helpful on your journey this week and beyond.
Much love to you all!