Anger: One of Your Soul’s Best Friends

My son gave me a great gift last night.  He did not do what I wanted, which cause me to feel very, very angry. 

Admittedly, I did not initially recognize this situation as a gift, but over the past few years I’ve learned that anger is one of my very best friends.  So, when my son facilitated Anger’s entrance into my home last night, he gave me a gift.  He invited one of my best friends to come by.

Anger can be one of your best friends too, if you let it. 

You may have heard that psychologists describe anger as a “secondary emotion.”  That means it doesn’t just show up on its own.  It follows another emotion, often hurt or sadness or fear.  So, there’s always a clue to your very best life (or your greatest joys or your place of safety) hidden underneath your anger.  You just need to learn how to look.

Here are the steps I took last night to hear what my anger was telling me: