What Matters On Your To Do List?

What Matters On Your To Do List?

“When the tangle of the daily has us forget how precious life is,
we tend to keep what matters from what needs to be done.  Somewhere
in the press of our day, in the press of a conflict that we won’t let go of,
in the press of a fear that makes us forget the deeper order of things—suddenly there’s this shift and we make what matters a reward for getting to the end of trouble.  But trouble never ends.  It comes and goes like clouds.  That’s why what matters needs to come first.  It needs to be our constant companion.  For what matters is necessary in order to endure the weather of life.”

 Mark Nepo (p. 276. The One Life We’re Given”)

We tend to keep what matters from what needs to be done…
This line really grabbed me when I read it.
And, for me, what came to mind was moving my body.  Not as in “You SHOULD move your body, you lazy slug!”  or even “exercise is good for you!”  But more as an invitation, a kindness.  Nurturing my body’s ability to move, caring for it as a thank you for all it does for me, finding ways of moving that are, for me, enjoyable in and of themselves.
Then, as I pondered the question awhile longer—the question being “What is it that matters that I’m putting at the end of my to do list instead of at the beginning?”  I started thinking of many other joys that, if I really thought about it, are what really matters about life.

What is it that really matters in life, in your life, that you are relegating ONLY to the status of the reward you will get at the end of ALL of it?

  • Maybe it’s the joy of taking 45 mins to walk what could take 10 so your three-year-old can pick up every stick they see along the way to preschool.

  • Maybe it’s finding a way to connect with a horse or playing with your dogs.

  • Maybe it’s writing a letter – or an email – to someone you love.

  • Maybe it’s sipping your favorite tea.

  • Maybe it’s donating to the ACLU as a means of addressing concerns you have about justice – not as a “should” but because you really want to but keep thinking you’ll do it tomorrow.

  • Or maybe it’s pausing

  • Maybe it’s checking out that poetry group or the white anti-racists affinity group you’ve heard about but inviting a friend to go with you cuz you’re a little scared.

  • Maybe, like for me, there’s an invitation to you to show love to your body in some new way.

Really the options are endless.
Some of the items might be things that matter because they are just delightful – and for no other reason. Because that is part of what makes life precious, isn’t it?