The Yes! To More for Mom Coaching Packages include:

  • A 15-session one-to-one life coaching program, to be completed in 5-6 months, or a 21-session extended program that lasts 9 months.

  • An initial 90-minute kick-off session, after which coaching sessions last 50-60 minutes.

  • A follow-up email after each session

  • Access to me via email throughout the coaching program

  • And a free copy of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big.

There is no required “homework” beyond the action steps you decide to take in between each session.  When we focus on a topic that coordinates with a chapter in Playing Big I may suggest that you read the chapter and/or do some of the additional exercises provided in the book. And I often recommend other resources as well. But these are totally optional “assignments.”  My goal is to decrease your stress and lighten the load you carry, not to add to it! 

Initially, we will meet three times a month to provide enough consistency and practice making this investment in yourself a priority in your regular schedule (I know how hard this is for good moms!).

If you register for the regular 15-session program, after our first three months together, you may choose spread your sessions out to once every two weeks (you’ll complete the program in 6 months,) or continue with the three-times-a-month schedule (you’ll complete the program in 5 months.)

If you choose to register for the 9-month extended version of the Yes! To More for Mom Coaching Program, after the first 3 months you will automatically shift from 3-sessions-a-month to 2-sessions-a-month.  This option provides 6 additional individualized coaching sessions and lower monthly cost overall.

Now for the REALLY good stuff . . .

Core Components of the Yes! To More for Mom Coaching Programs


Please note: One-to-one coaching is very individualized.  That’s what makes it so transformative!  You and I will work together to create more of what you want in your life, and decrease what isn’t working for you.  Most clients make use of the majority of the components below. However, the specific tools and practices that we cover, and the order in which they are introduced, will vary in response to your individual needs and goals. We’ll skip some components, spend extra time on others, or add in new items depending on what makes the most sense for you.  


Meeting Your Inner Critic


We all have one; that inner voice that tells you you’re just not good enough, smart enough, working hard enough, ready enough etc. to do whatever it is you want to do.  It means well enough.  It wants to keep us safe, but it’s not the best guide towards success and happiness.  You will learn how to recognize your inner critic and how to quiet that voice, so you can keep heading towards your dreams.


Busting Through Assumptions, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Language


As we work together, you’ll learn how to notice when you are acting based on assumptions and beliefs that may not be true and definitely aren’t useful to you.  You will learn a variety of ways to notice and address these limiting beliefs directly (to included changing a few simple phrases), so you can choose more useful beliefs to act on.     


Tapping into the Wisdom of the Body


In modern Western culture the rational mind is often viewed as the greatest source of wisdom, but in fact our bodies take in a lot more information than what our rational mind (the left side of the brain primarily) can process.  You will learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body too, which will help you to make much more satisfying choices in all areas of your life.


Tapping into Your Inner Mentor


You met your inner critic already, but there’s another inner voice, a quieter one, that’s really wise.  We’ll make use of your imagination to help you to hear from the wisest, most authentic part of who you are and who you are meant to be.  Your inner mentor will help you set your sights on what you really want and avoid errors you didn’t even realize you were making.


Hearing Important Messages from your Inner Brat


Believe it or not you can also find clues to your best life in the places where you feel “ugly” emotions like anger, jealousy and resentment that you might be inclined to hide or suppress, thus missing out on a great source of information about how you can build your best life.  No longer!  You’re going to learn how to listen and create more of what you wish you had already.


Learning to Play


As moms, we’re often quite good at making sure our kids get to play, but not so good at finding ways to do it ourselves.  But play is where a lot of our joy, creativity and energy is hiding!   With me cheering you on, you’ll experiment with integrating more play into your life, even if right now you have no idea what that would look like and can’t imagine that you would be “good” at it or could fit it into your already packed schedule. 


Making it Easy


Did you know that self-discipline is highly over-rated?  Instead, studies have found that people who are good at meeting their goals are usually the ones who “make it easy” for themselves to do so.  You’ll be amazed by your progress when you try out this new approach to moving towards your goals with self-compassion, a little planning, and some well-designed actions!


Identifying Passions and Callings


Often we are told we should follow our callings or passions, but that can feel like a lot of pressure!  Together we will explore what it is that you care about most in the world and how you most want to contribute in small and big ways.  


Learning How to Leap


One great strategy for overcoming fear and moving towards leadership in the areas that matter most to you is what the founder of the Playing Big leadership program, Tara Mohr, calls “a leap.” You’ll learn what a leap is and you’ll try one (or more!) for yourself.  No more waiting.  You can start moving towards what you love now!


Overcoming Fear and Resistance


When you start to move out toward living a bigger and better life than you thought was possible, fear and resistance will show up.  They always do. You’ll learn about the two kinds of fear that show up and how to effectively address them without allowing fear to control your choices.


What to Do with Praise and Criticism


Most women are especially tuned in to the reactions of others and it can keep us from making the kinds of choices that are best for us.  You’ll learn how to handle feedback, good and bad, so you can make use of what’s helpful to you and leave the rest.


Celebrating Successes and Planning a Way Forward


Throughout our time together we will regularly access what master life coach Anna Kunnecke calls the “energy of celebration.” You’ll learn to celebrate your small (and even imperfect) wins and experience for yourself how celebration releases more energy for further accomplishments.


We’ll also set aside a session to celebrate your accomplishments, look forward towards what’s next, and develop plans for how you can keep moving forward.


Bonus Component:  Tips for Managing Tasks, Time and Clutter


Often there’s a bit of “clearing out” that needs to be done to make room for the new stuff you want to bring into your life. When that’s true for you, you’ll get the full benefit of the many hours of reading and experimenting I’ve done with time, task, and clutter management strategies.  We’ll work together to help you find your own way forward. If you want to dig deeply into these areas ONLY, then this isn’t the right place to do that (though I’d be happy to recommend resources I’ve found helpful).  But it can often be a great combo with the other work we do together and I’m more than happy to include it when it makes sense for you. 


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Who I am and why I do this work

I am a former professor and classroom teacher, and a mother of two bi-racial boys, ages 17 and 22.  I became a life coach after a long career as an educator, which included phases of being home full-time, phases when I worked part-time, and phases when I had such a big job that I literally could not create a schedule to fit everything in.  I’ve done “mom” in a variety of ways and found that they all have unique challenges and blessings.

My work with moms grew out of my personal struggle to create a life that works well for me and my family.  I am the child of a stay-at-home mom and planned on staying home with my kids when they were young—then found that I hated it!  I felt a lot of shame and confusion for a long time about my role as a mom and how that integrated with being myself and doing work in the world that mattered to me. American society doesn’t make it easy for moms to build lives they love.  There’s so much judgement and so little support!  Having gotten to the other side of these struggles, I love that I can now offer support to other moms of all kinds who aren’t finding fulfillment in their lives—even though they really love their kids!

My formal study in the fields of Education and Childhood Studies (B.A. in Elementary Education, M.A. in Educational Ministry, Ph.D. in Childhood Studies), extensive reading and research related to spiritual and personal growth, combined with historical research and study of children, childhood, play, early education, women’s and African-American history and my ability to connect emotionally with others through story-telling also help me to facilitate positive change for individuals, groups and institutions.

I completed the Playing Big facilitator’s training with women’s leadership coach Tara Mohr in 2016 and am a coach-in-training with Martha Beck.  I’ve also learned a lot from master life coach Katherine North’s phenomenal program The Queen Sweep. I am certified as an Academic Life Coach, a program approved of by the International Coaching Federation.  I integrate and adapt all of the coaching tools I’ve learned along with many other resources in the work I do with moms.

My work with moms takes place within the context of a broader mission to challenge externalized and internalized racism and sexism and facilitate deep healing in the world through writing, teaching, coaching, and speaking in ways that free and empower individuals and lead to greater equity and quality in education and childcare in the United States (and beyond.)  As a part of this work, I also provide life coaching programs for college students and teachers. 


If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at