I'm an educator, writer, academic coach and life coach, and a mother of bi-racial boys with a deep desire to bring dignity, healing and opportunities for growth and happiness to those who are trapped in stories and systems that keep them from experiencing deeply satisfying lives, stifle their abilities, and prevent them from bringing what they have to offer to the world (where we need it!).  

It is my story and I'm changing it for myself too. 

In particular, I have a passion for empowering college students, moms and visionary educators to follow their callings with joy—THRIVING, not just surviving, or striving to meet standards that can never be met.  

I believe that called, confident, and joyful moms, teachers and young adults are forces to be reckoned with who together can ensure that all children are well cared-for and who can change systems of education and childcare fail to truly support parents, teachers, students or young children.

I recently relocated across the country from Philadelphia to Los Angeles with my husband and my youngest son.  In my new life, I am constantly amazed by the power and beauty of the ocean and am learning what it means to really love a dog.


  • PhD in Childhood Studies, MA in Educational Ministry, BA in Elementary Education 
  • Certified Academic Life Coach 
  • Completed Tara Mohr's Playing Big Facilitator's Training
  • Martha Beck coach-in-training
  • Expert on the history of play, early childhood education and African American education
  • Former preschool teacher, child-care director and college professor
  • Mother of biracial children who has struggled with mothering/career tensions
  • HSP (highly sensitive person) who wants to change the world, but sometimes has trouble just handling the noise of life
  • Survivor of depression, anxiety and compulsive eating
  • Contemplative spiritual seeker within and beyond the Christian tradition


Me and my crew.